Funds Transfers

PAYmeUP can transfer your money to any place all over the world. It’s a convenient, fast, cheap, safe solution. Leveraging on our dealing relationships with international banks and combined with our intuitive platform, we can ensure quick and seamless money transfers.

Our Company has real opportunities to promote and implement innovative solutions. Its management has practical experience in implementing new technologies, as well as experience in developing and promoting payment services to the market. The proposed technological and software solutions expand the geography of payment services and reduce their cost for the clients and Partners, in particular by providing them with convenient access to a wide range of payment services.

PAYmeUP goals and objectives

  1. 1
    The purpose of our company
    Our Company objective is to create a distributed network of Partners for receiving and sending money transfers by individuals and legal entities using various methods of sending and receiving cash and non-cash funds.
  2. 2
    Different ways for funds transfers
    Bank accounts and cards, electronic money and mobile operator accounts via integration gateways, the Internet, mobile devices, ATMs and self-service terminals
  3. 3
    Cash in the offices of Partners
    Cash in the offices of Partners and their agents, in ATMs and self-service terminals.
  4. 4
    Monitoring of trends in the market
    Monitoring of trends in the market of money transfers and payment services, rapid response to changes in the situation and the introduction of innovative technologies.

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